Ethically sourced, renewable & sustainable an improvised pop-up disco in a wheelbarrow. Playing classic 7″ vinyl records, a satirical swipe at DJ’s and club culture but also a serious statement about our throw-away society.
Playing funk, disco, punk, pop n cheese and everything else in-between
that’s Ecotainment!

The antidote to Apples iPod a subversive and anarchic discotheque made from waste transported in a wheelbarrow. Earwig the ‘barra’ is a pop-up solar-powered party generator with serious environmental credentials. Suitable for all occasions
Reduce Reuse Upcycle Boogie!

Tip of the Pops is not only an epic dance extravaganza on wheels, but also an award-winning social enterprise…. If you’ve never heard of Ecotainment, it’s time you joined the party! Larmer Tree Festival (2016)

Solar Disco

We believe having a good time should not cost the earth so we proudly present alternative energy mobile discos. Our battery powered solar systems are capable of giving up to 8 hours ‘Ecotainment!’ day or night and we cater for all ages & events

  • Our music collection is eclectic spanning six decades of dance (vinyl and digital)
  • Shabby-chic vintage decor with hi-tech lighting and sound
  • Perfectly at home indoors, outside or under canvass
  • Self-sufficient, non-polluting does not require a generator or power supply to party
  • Party almost anywhere want something ‘wheely’ mobile check-out our wheelbarrow disco Tip of the Pops it has appeared at various festivals including Shambala and Larmer Tree
  • Want Something BIGGER that’s still totally retro check-out our Dandy Disco
  • Ethical social enterprise private and commercial bookings help subsidise our community work benefiting local schools, youth clubs and campaigns


Tip of the Pops Solar-Powered Wheelbarrow Disco party anytime, anywhere that’s Ecotainment!